The Team

Dick O’Hare


Dick has been a media industry veteran for the past 25 years, with the last 18 years devoted to senior and founding roles in digital media and marketing. Dick founded Local Yokel Media (LYM) in 2010, turning it into a leading hyperlocal digital marketing platform. After achieving seven-figure revenues, LYM was acquired by Yellow Hammer Media in 2015.

Before launching LYM, Dick served as Vice President of Global Strategic Partnerships at Yahoo. He created global partnerships with Yahoo’s top clients and led his team to develop and execute new revenue strategies for video, mobile and social media.

Prior to Yahoo, Dick was Senior Vice President General Manager of AOL Media Networks (sold to Verizon). Before joining AOL, Dick was General Manager of the Business and Technology Networks at DoubleClick (sold to Google).

Andrew Page

Marketing Automation Specialist

Andrew has been a digital marketing expert since 2006, specializing in generating demand, optimizing conversion and automating marketing processes for B2B and B2C brands. Andrew worked with brands such as Oracle, Wolters Kluwer, Samuel Adams and Video Rascal to improve their online brand presence and increase sales through digital marketing activities.

Before coming to loyome, Andrew worked as a Senior Marketing Manager at Oracle. While there, Andrew’s team was responsible for developing a global marketing automation strategy that contributed to a 20% increase in sales via new digital marketing channels.

Lori Kaye

Social Media Specialist

Lori brings more than 10 years of marketing experience to loyome. During the past decade, Lori honed her expertise in leveraging local digital marketing techniques to develop grassroots branding and community presence for each company she represented.

Her promotional acumen has evolved from traditional local marketing to the email and social media marketing she specializes in today. Lori is a strategist driven by results and she applies current digital marketing best practices to maximize the ROI of client campaigns.

Jason Hunter

Social Media Marketing/Search Engine Marketing Specialist

Jason is an all-round digital media “athlete” with core expertise in search engine marketing, social media marketing and programmatic media. His expertise has enabled different types of advertisers to not only efficiently scale their business models on the web, but also to effectively make sense of their performance data.

Having exceptional experience with best in breed digital marketing products and platforms makes Jason a critical asset to many client organizations. For many years he has been responsible for directing, planning and executing $1MM+ monthly media budgets for some of the largest and most well-known businesses.